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Enter our traffic raffle for a chance to win $500 Biweekly! This is our way of helping YOU get more traffic to your room. To enter, link your unique URL to social media and websites. Models who receive a minimum of 500 clicks and who have added their unique link to their bio on at least one social media outlet will be automatically entered in the raffle. Read the simple instructions below, copy your code and start sending users to your profile! Two winners will be drawn every 2 weeks and their names will be announced on the next business day.

Step 1 - Upload an “Instagram Safe” photo to your dashboard.

Photos CANNOT contain any nudity or sexual acts. Must be safe for Instagram, Facebook, etc. This photo will appear on your custom contest page.

Step 2 - Add the custom link shown below to your social media bio and web sites

The link given will track all traffic you send to the site. Post this link to your Twitter, IG,...

Step 3 - Copy and paste your social media handle to your dashboard

Models must have their unique link on at least one social media bio. This can include Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram,… Models who have reached 500 clicks but have not added their unique link to their bio will not be eligible to win.

Step 4 - Track your clicks above. Reach clicks and be automatically eligible

Your unique link tracks all traffic you send to the site. Add this link to your twitter, IG, etc. Do not modify this link or it will not track clicks properly. Do not attempt to click the link yourself as we monitor fraud. Attempts to defraud contest will disqualify you. Once you reach clicks in a month, you will be eligible for the $500 cash raffle bonus. The $500 winnings will be added automatically in your next standard payout.

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