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Visit our Model FAQs

Become a Model

Click here to get started: / Become A Model'

Here is why is the best webcam site in the world for independent models and studios:

  • U.S. models earn 50% Net Revenue. Most sites only pay 30% of earnings.
  • Get paid every week with no delays - Most sites only pay twice a month.
  • The most ways to make money including: Tips, Privates, Spy Shows, Group Shows, Online Video Sales and Weekly Contests.

We are looking for female models 18-45 years old that are attractive, friendly, and energetic.

If your application is approved, you will be given the specific information detailing payments, and everything else to get started. If you have questions, you can e-mail us at: is a huge webcam community of over 5 million friendly members. Many of our users have been spending money on the site for years and are always looking to meet and spend money on a new face. Before you start modeling on the site, we encourage you to check out and see it or yourself. provides our models the highest earning potential for webcam models.

  • We pay the highest commissions - 50% of all Net Revenue for models who sign up directly with the site.
  • We provide unparalleled model support
  • is always full of users at all times of the day.
  • We guarantee on-time weekly payments once your tax form and payout method has been properly set up and approved.

Click here for a video on Naked's Tips and Tricks

What is a webcam model?

A webcam model chats live on webcam from her computer with users from around the world. Webcam models can earn incredible amounts of money from the comfort of their own home. You do not need any experience and if you are attractive with a great personality you can be very successful.

We are currently casting women between the ages of 18 and 45 to be webcam models on

Webcam modeling is easy and fun, all you have to do is be yourself and users will pay you generously for it.

How does the signup process work?

Signing up is quick and easy. You can begin working in just 1 business day!

  • Begin the sign up process here.
  • Once you’ve verified your email (check your spam folder to make sure our messages aren't being sent there), you will be emailed a link to your model application.
  • Once you submit your ID for compliance verification, and its approved, you will be emailed with a link to go back into your application to e-sign your documents and set up your user name and password.
  • After completing your application, you will be able to log in immediately.
  • Email if you have questions or need any help.

To watch a tutorial on how to sign up, click here.


We have recently changed Camdolls to our new platform. We are in the process of finalizing this migration, so please bare with us in the short term.

What has changed?

  • We have doubled the amount of girls online for your viewing pleasure.
  • We have changed the currency of the site to use "credits" instead of "tokens". 1 credit is now equivalent to what was 10 tokens. So now tipping $1 to a model costs 1 credit.

Known Issues

Please bare with us as we finalize the transition to the new site. Here are some items we are aware of and working through.

  • There may be some extra characters on the end of your display name in the chat. Working to resolve this asap.
  • We are still importing your past private shows, and your recorded private videos. This should be complete by Nov 10th.
  • PM is only now available with models if you have a premium subscription membership.
  • Some of you have your prestige level set one level lower than it should be. If you are experiencing this then please logout and log back in to correct.


  • Chat translations into your preferred language
  • Better homepage sorting of girls

Getting started as a Model on

Does it cost money to get started?

No. Creating your model account is 100% free and you can get started within 1 business day. After that, we start paying you! Visit the Become a Model link at the bottom of the homepage to get started.

What do I need to get started on

  • A Computer (PC & Mac are both supported). Broadcasting from phones, tablet/ipad devices, or chrome books are NOT AVAILABLE. Please see What computer and webcam should I be using?
  • A Webcam with microphone capabilities. Built-in webcams are OK, but we recommend a Logitech C930e
  • A strong internet connection. We recommend your internet speed be is at least 2.5 mp/s of upload speed per model connection on your internet (bandwidth of at least 200k).
  • Ample lighting in your work space. We recommend having three light sources: one coming from behind the webcam, facing directly at you, and one source on each side of you. Natural lighting looks great as well! Just make sure the lighting isn't coming from behind you, but it in front of you instead. For more information on lighting, click here.
  • An awesome profile picture for upload. To start, you will need to upload at least one photo. Your profile photo is the very first thing members will see. Make sure you use a high quality photo, preferably one that shows your face and body close up.

We offer the best technology for models and members, offering both the best possible experience. As a model, you are always in control of your chat room, and you have hundreds of different options and settings to make the site fit your needs. Besides our simple rules, you have unlimited opportunity for being creative and making the most out of experience here. However, if you need help setting up your work space for success, let us help you! Call us at 888.603.9082, chat us from your model console, or email

Our models are our partners and we will treat you with respect and offer friendly technical support for anything you may need.

Is there a work schedule or minimum hour requirement?

No. We have no work schedule or minimum hour requirements. You can webcam whenever you’d like for as long as you’d like. Once you log on to the site, you will appear on

Basic Tips for Improving my Show

See a full list of Tips & Tricks.

How do I maneuver my model dashboard?

If you need help maneuvering your model console, have questions or concerns, or just want to schedule a basic training session, please contact our support team at any time. For additional guidance and information visit our Help & Support page

Home page

The main page will have important notifications and information about your account. You will be able to change your rates, go online and see our model contest details. Your homepage will display your following count, these are members who have "faved" you in their account. Your camscore will also show, it's important to keep track of it as this will determine your placement in our page.

For more information on camscores click here

For tips on improving your camscore, click here.

Share your profile on social media by clicking on "share your link" located on the top right section of your homepage. Here, you will be able to share your link on social media and encourage your followers to visit your page!

On the bottom part of your home page, you will be able to keep track of who is winning our daily contest! Everyday we award $1000 in prize money to the top 5 models that earn the most.

For more information on our contests, click here.

Just click on the pink "help” icon located at the bottom right of your home screen to send an email directly to model support. On the left hand column you will see a variety of functions and settings. There, you are able to upload videos, block regions and much more!


There are two options for broadcasting, you can do it from IModel Plus(to broadcast in HD) or directly from your browser. To broadcast from your browser, you can either click on “Go online” from your model homepage or you can click on “Broadcast” from the menu on the left side of your screen. Once you’re online, your viewers will have access to chat, view and hear you!

We have recently updated our broadcaster by adding new some great new features!

  • Force start tipshows if you think you've received enough to start.
  • Users can also send you additional tips during tipshow and send private messages.
  • You may now extend tipshows, just ask users to tip for more!
  • Models are now notified to either accept or decline private requests, So if you're doing well in freechat, you can decline the request.
  • View user balances by clicking their names on the chatlist!
  • Schedule sessions with our support team and Model Coaches!
  • Viewers can now watch shows from their phone or tablets!

For details on our old broadcaster, Click here.

Broadcast in HD

Broadcasting in HD makes your image much clearer and it will attract more users to your room. To do this, you will have to download our IModel Plus app. To read instructions or watch a video on downloading IModel Plus, simply click: How do I stream in HD

Stats and Earnings

To check your stats & earnings, click on “Stats & Earnings” on the left side of your dashboard. Here you can see how much you’ve earned for a given date and time range. Earnings based on a 7 day period begin each Monday at 12:00am through Sunday at 11:59pm. Payments are sent by the following Friday.Please note that you can only go back 1 month. If you need to see your earnings after that date, you can email with the specific time range.


To check your inbox, click on “Inbox” on the left side of your dashboard. Here you can check messages from users and from the Naked team.

Upload photos

You can upload photos by clicking on “Upload Photos” on the left side of your dashboard. You can now upload pictures to your profile. Your photos will not appear in regions you have set in your block settings. Choose an image to upload and click Upload. (supports .JPG, .JPEG, and .PNG files only). To make changes to your pictures, just scroll over the desired image and 3 icons will appear. You will have the option to delete,zoom in and add the picture to your profile image.

Upload Videos

Video clips can be uploaded and sold on the site for a one-time rate of your choosing.To upload, go to “Upload videos” on the left side of your dashboard. Choose your video and agree to the terms on the site. The file size limit is 500 MB. Please make sure your upload doesn’t exceed this amount. After your video has been uploaded, add a title, price and tags to it. Tags will make your video appear when the user searches for something you tagged. The video will then be sent to our team for review. Upon review, your video will be available to Naked members and you will earn money even when you’re offline! To delete videos or to change prices, contact support by emailing, or by calling 888-603-9082.

To read the full list of rules and policies that must be adhered to, please click here

To watch a tutorial click here.

Blocked Regions

To block certain regions or countries, click on “Blocked regions” on the left side of your model dashboard. Then, type in what country or state you would like blocked. Hit save. Locations you select will be excluded from search results. Even if your link is shared, your page will not display in these excluded regions. To watch a tutorial on how to block regions, Click here.

Payment Settings

To set up your payout information, go to “Payment Settings” located on the left side of your dashboard. Now, choose the payment method you’d like to use. If you do not have an account with the method selected, click on “I need a new account.” Now, click on the link provided, this will direct you to their website. You will be prompted to fill out your information and register with an email and password. The method chosen will then review your account. Your final step is to go back to your model dashboard and link your payout account email to your naked account. If anything else is needed, you will be contacted via email and a note will display in your dashboard under “Payment Settings”. You must select a payment option in order to receive your payouts. We do not send checks by mail or offer direct deposit.

Click here to watch a tutorial on "Payment Settings" for CMB Paycard.

Tax Settings

Please note that federal law obligates us to provide income information from models that work with us. By working on the site you are a independent contractor (1099). We will send you a statement of earnings by the end of January of each year. As an independent contractor, it is your responsibility to file and pay for your taxes.If you don’t, the IRS will eventually start asking why you haven’t been making payments and you will probably have to pay for late penalties. There are many things you can write off when filing your taxes ; Electricity, Internet Connection, Webcam Equipment, Computer Equipment and much more. For a complete guide please seek the help of an accountant.

To set up your tax settings, click on “Tax Settings” located on the left side of your dashboard.  You will then be prompted to sign up as either an individual or a business. Models will sign up as an individual unless they are working under a business entity. Then, choose your residence status. You will then be prompted to fill out information like your country of citizenship, DOB, full name, and  street address. If you are not a U.S. resident and have no citizenship, You do not need to fill out the social security box. You will only fill out your Tax ID number which is the number you use for tax purposes in your home country. Our final step is certifying that the information you provided is correct and completing an e-signature. If anything else is needed, you will be contacted via email and a note will display in your dashboard under “Tax Settings”.

Click here to watch a "Tax Settings" tutorial for International models.

Click here to watch a "Tax Settings" tutorial for U.S Citizen models.

Click here to watch a "Tax Settings" tutorial for U.S. Resident alien models.

Charge Rates

To change your rates click on “Charge Rates” on the left side of your dashboard. There, you can customize how much you want to charge per minute for private sessions. Please note that the spy rate will always be $2 less per minute. Scroll through the options and choose the rate you would like to use. Click “Update”. You may also click on “request a custom rate” to set a price different than what we have offered. Please use caution when setting high rates, this may result in fewer user shows.

To view a tutorial click here.


To add physical features click on “category” from the menu located on the left side of your dashboard. Here you can modify your features like hair color, ethnicity and body features. These values will help users find you.

My Contact Info

To update your contact info, click on “My Contact Info” located on the left side of your dashboard. Here, you can update your current email address. Please note that it will be verified before it can be updated.

How do I get paid?

Fill out your tax settings in your model dashboard models are considered self-employed contractors and are paid compensation for their services online. In order for you us to pay you, we are legally required to get a w9 (USA models) or w8 (international models) from you. This means (if you are in the USA) you will receive a 1099-MISC from us annually. Also, we do not take out any taxes from your payouts, so it is your responsibility to save for and pay your own taxes.

The first thing to do when you log into your model console as a new model is to fill out your tax settings. You can do this by clicking on "provide tax information" or "tax settings" in your model console. Follow the easy steps provided to you to electronically fill out your w9 or w8 form. Once complete, our accounting department will review and approve it. If any errors are made or corrections are needed, this form will be kicked back to you to make the necessary updates.

Please keep in mind, we cannot pay you until this step is completed and approved.

Set up your payout method in your model dashboard

Now that your tax settings are submitted, its time to set up your payout method. To do this, click on the payment settings tab in your model console. Chose the option that works best for you, and hit next. From there, you will be taken through easy to follow steps to set up a payment account with one of our partnered third party companies. To find out more about the options we offer, visit the Payments Method offered section of the wiki.

Please see the payment support section below for common concerns and help with payments and pulling your stats, or click here

Your payment settings will also have to be approved by our payment department. They will not make approvals until your tax settings are complete and approved, so please make sure to do this.

Payment Methods offered

Our payouts run weekly (Monday - Sunday) for all payment methods, and we will transfer your money by the following Friday. To find out more information about each of the methods below, click on the payment settings tab in your model console, or read the payment options overview section below.

Payment methods include:

  • CMB Paycard
  • Paxum
  • Epayments

We do not offer direct deposit (but all of our payment methods offer direct bank transferring services), or mailed checks.

Payment Options Overview

Below is a little over view of the payment methods we offer. More detailed information about both tax settings, and payment options are available in your model console. Please click on the payment settings tab to see what payment method you are currently using, or to set and/or update your payment method. To read about common payment concerns, click here.

  • - Our Daily pay option (USA)- $30 minimum payout. This is the fastest and most flexible of the pay method and is the preferred payout option for most USA models. We do not make any deposits onto your account for you. You pay yourself by "cashing out" whenever you would like your money. You can cash out daily, weekly, monthly. Whatever works for you! Once you cash out, the funds will be loaded on your card instantly (some restrictions apply, if approval is required for your payment, payments are processed within 2 business days). Please refer to their website for processing fees, holds, and policies. CMBpaycard is not offered internationally.

  • - Our international payment option. $50 minimum payout. You can apply for a paxum personal mastercard directly on their site or login to your existing account. Sign up directly with them and provide us with the email address on your account via your model dashboard. Paxum is only offered internationally (not in the USA).

  • - Weekly payments funded to a new or existing ePayments account. (ePayments is offered in most international countries, minimum payout amount is $50.00)

Tax & Payment Settings Support

Please email if you need to check on the status of your tax settings or payment settings approval. If you have any questions, concerns, or experience issues on anything payment related, contact us via this email as soon as possible.

How much money will I make on

The sky is the limit, but it depends on how much you webcam and what your show is like. Most US based models make an average of $45 - $175+ per hour. Once you have built a following on the site, you can really see your earnings skyrocket. We pay you the most money versus any other site out there, as you earn 50% of Net Revenue.

No one gives you more ways to earn money, including:

  • Tips - Members can pay you with Tips in the Free Chat area. You do not make a per-minute rate for being in free chat, so you'll have to work the room! You can set a Tip Topic, so users know what you'll do in free chat and how much it costs.
  • Tip shows
    • How Tip Shows Work
      • Tips shows are only available from our HD broadcaster, make sure to download and use this software for an enhanced show! Please see How do I stream in HD? for me information.
      • Once on imodel, you set the Tip Show Goal (We recommend a small tip goal around $30-50), Tip Show Length, and Tip Show Reservation price (typically $5-10).
      • Members must reserve a spot for your Tip Show in order to view your show. Members can also join your show after the show has started, and you will have the option to extend your show length before the show ends.
      • Once the goal is reached, your Tip Show starts, and all the members who reserved a spot to your show enter your Tip Show.
      • Note: Tips are not actually collected until the Tip Show begins, and models may be penalized for ending Tip Shows early.
  • Private shows - Members can take you private and pay by the minute. The standard rate for a Private Show is $4.99 or $5.99 per minute.
  • Spy shows - Members can pay a reduced per minute rate (usually $2 less than your private rate) to spy on your private. Members who are spying will appear on the list of users in your room. They can only see the show, they cannot hear the model, read the chat, or interact in any way.
  • Online video sales - Video clips can be uploaded and sold on the site for a one-time flat rate. You set your own rates for videos when you upload them, but feel free to contact model support if you need to make any changes or updates to your published videos. With Naked you earn money even when you are not on cam every time a member purchases a video! These videos are not available for download. The members view them from their member profiles.
  • Daily Model Contest - We give out $1,000 in prize money everyday!

What percentage do I get? takes pride in paying the highest commissions in the industry. Models who sign up directly with the site make 50% of all Net Revenue.

How big is

Really big. is the fastest growing webcam website in the world with over 5 Million regular users. As soon as you log on, you will have tons of paying members in your room ready to spend money.

How can I contribute to building my following and getting regulars?

Promote, promote, promote. The best thing you can do for your cam career is to self-promote. Create social media accounts, like twitter, and Instagram in your model name. Search for potential members and promote your social media accounts to your members to gain followers. Get as many followers as you can! Then, make postings that are fun, sexy, and engaging. Let your followers know your work schedule with dates and times you'll be online.

  • I want to self promote but I have states/countries blocked - While social media does not offer the same blocking logic, any person in your blocked regions who attempts to go to your profile from a social media account will be rerouted to the homepage and will not be able to view your profile. If security is a concern for you, we still recommend self promotion, just be discrete when posting pictures.

Rules & Policies

All of the following are NOT permitted on

  • Absolutely NO MINORS. Children are not to be seen or heard whatsoever. No exceptions. Additionally, child-like behavior from the model is not allowed online, in videos, or in photographs.
  • Having any non-registered persons on camera.
  • Committing a crime or doing anything illegal online.
  • No male on male performances (models with multiple studs registered to their account) due to not offering a platform for male models.
  • Role playing a fantasy that is illegal in real life:
    • Bestiality
    • Rape
    • Incest
    • Necrophilia
    • Child pornography, exploitation, molestation and/or rape.
    • Claim, state or suggest that you are under the age of eighteen, or under the age of majority in your area
    • Discussing any sexual experience that occurred before your eighteenth birthday, or the age of majority in your area.
  • Illegal Drug Use
  • Sexual activity/conduct under the influence of any mind altering substance.
  • Urination play
  • Fecal play
  • Vomit play
  • Using foreign objects that are potentially dangerous to your health for masturbation. Stick to sex toys!
  • Fisting
  • No visible venereal disease, and/or menstruation should be visible. If such condition is present, or you have your period, please wait until it is subsided before working
  • Promoting or discussing any third party or website
  • Requesting or setting up payments that happen off of the site, such as through PayPal
  • Submitting any photographs, videos, or appearing online while Model or anyone else in such photographs,videos, and/or online stream was/is under the influence of alcohol or any other mind altering substance whether such substance is legal or illegal
  • Submitting any photographs, videos, or appearing online when the Model or anyone else in such photographs, videos, and/or online stream was/is under the age of 18, or the legal the age of majority in your area.
  • Please do not use prerecorded videos - this completely defeats the purpose of live broadcasting and causes issues in broadcasting. It is also strictly prohibited.
  • Soliciting, or setting up meetings with customers
  • Giving out your legal information to customers

Premium Video Clip Rules

  • All videos must be at least 3 minutes long to be eligible for publishing.
  • All videos must contain some sort of fetish dialogue or nudity to be relevant to
  • No video may contain any copyrighted content such as video clips or music.
  • All parties within the video must be registered as a model or male model on the site.
  • All videos must contain audio.
  • All videos must follow and meet the aforementioned rules and policies of the site.
  • Videos may not contain watermarks or links to sites not affiliated to
  • To read the full list of rules and policies that must be adhered to, please click here

What is CamScore?

Learn all about our model scoring process here:Camscore

Signing up a Stud

To sign up a partner, you will first need an active account. After that, email to retrieve the necessary forms. Please keep in mind that we will require a copy of two government issued IDs. The first ID MUST be a government issued picture ID (i.e. Drivers License, Passport, etc). The second ID must also be a government issued ID, but it does not require a photo (i.e. Passport, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Concealed Weapons License, Adult Entertainment ID, etc).

General & Technical Support

M - Fri 7am - 11pm

Email Model Support:

Report a Problem and get compensated

We need your help to find problems and bugs with Naked/Camster... and we will PAY YOU for your help! We will credit your account with $50 for each valid issue (that is not already in the known list of bugs below). To report issues and receive payment, send an email to and include a description of the issue as well as your stage name.

Known issues list (as of 7/23/18):

Payment Support

You can find out more about our payout options directly from your model console after logging in. Additionally, you can update your payment preferences after approval at any time by going to the payment settings tab in your model console. Please direct all payment questions, inquiries, and address updates to Payment Support:

  • To pull your stats, simply click on the stats and earnings tab in your model console and follow the simple instructions.

Common Payment Concerns

I need to update my address

Even though uses fully electronic methods of payment, it is still very important to keep your address updated at all times. This is because we mail out tax forms annually for filing your taxes. To update your address, please email payment support: Tax forms are mailed out the 3rd of 4th week of every January.

I legally changed my name and need to update

Whenever you legally change your name, for example when you get married, you must notify us. This is because we will have to start paying you under your new legal name and report income correctly for taxation purposes. Please email payment support with your married or new legal name. We will also need the legal documentation verifying this change. For example, you can submit a marriage license to us. Lastly, whenever you change your name, make sure you contact the social security administration to have it updated as soon as possible. This will need to be done before we can update our records.

I don't understand how to pull and/or read my stats

  • Most models are paid weekly (Monday - Sunday), and we will transfer your money by the following Friday. For weekly payouts, you can pull your stats by logging into your model console and clicking on the stats and earnings tab. For range, chose last pay period if you are trying to see what money is coming to you on Friday. If you want to see how you are doing this pay week, select current pay period. Next, hit the refresh button.
  • Some models use CMBpaycard and are paid based on cash out history. If you use, you must chose custom under the range section on your stats and earnings tab. You must pull your stats based on the last date AND time you received a payment, until the date and time of the current payment. This is because CMBpaycard pays you every time you cash out and transfers everything you've earned up until the minute they transfer funds (remember, we run on Easter Standard Time). If you need more help with this, please email CMB support:, or call them at 1.800.677.1483 between the hours of 9am - 5pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday-Friday.
  • Many studio models are paid every two weeks. If you cannot use the "current pay period" and "past pay period" on your stats and earnings page because you are paid biweekly, you can change the range to custom. This will allow you to pick from what date, and to what date you would like to pull your stats.

I think I'm missing all or a portion of my payment

The first thing to do is make sure you know what pay range you are on, and how to properly pull your stats. You can always email support

  • You must make a minimum of $50 in order to receive a payment. If you did not make enough for a payment, your earnings will roll over to the next week.
  • Both your tax and payment settings must be submitted and approved, and your pay account must be active. You can earn money without settings these things up, but your earnings will be held and will roll over to the next week. Roll overs will continue until everything is set up.

If you are pulling your stats correctly, have met your $50 minimum, have an active payment account, and know your tax and payment settings are approved, but you still see an error, don't panic! We will make sure you are paid correctly in a timely fashion. Simply email payment support with your model name, what week/pay period you are inquiring about, and the amount you feel you should've received. All missing funds will be paid immediately once verified.

Model Contests

Get details on our Daily Model Contest Get details on our Traffic Contest

We hold special contests, in addition to the daily contest often! Some include:

  • Halloween Costume Contests
  • Naked Model Sweepstakes, where money and prizes are given based on raffled off tickets given to models for broadcasting on the site.
  • Holiday Gifts and Prizes
  • Weekly Raffle

Traffic Contest Winners:

  • November - Abella Anderson, Mia Khalifa
  • December - Christy Foxx, Camille Campbell
  • January - XXXAudreyJamesXXX
  • February - Samantha Jaymz
  • April 1-15/2017 - Steph Kegels
  • April 15-30/2017 - MissJisel
  • May 1-15/2017 - Comfiecozie
  • May 16-31/2017 - Katie Cums
  • June 1-15/2017 - Emily Madison
  • June 16-30/2017 - ShanieLove
  • July 1-15/2017 - Selena Adams
  • July 16-31/2017 - DaddysCamille
  • Aug 1-15/2017 - Noah Bensi
  • Aug 16-31/2017 - Brittany Taylor
  • Sept 1-15/2017 - Blow Job Betty
  • Sept 16-30/2017 - Steph Kegels
  • Oct 1-15/2017 - BbyTay Tay
  • Oct 16-31/2017 - RedExxxotica
  • Nov 1-15/2017 - Spicy J
  • Nov 16-30/2017 - Autumn Woods
  • Dec 1-15/2017 - Roxy Rogerz
  • Dec 16-31/2017 - Taytiisexi
  • Jan 1-15/2018 - Katie cums
  • Jan 16-31/2018 - MillyGiordano
  • Feb 1-15/2018 - SweetNiicole
  • Feb 16-28/2018 - Selena Adams
  • March 1-15/2018 - Comfiecozie
  • March 16-31/2018 - princess mila
  • April 1-15/2018 - Steph Kegels
  • April 16-30/2018 - ShanieLove
  • May 16-31/2018 - Shawney Brazil
  • June 1-15/2018 - Brittany Taylor
  • June 16-30/2018 - DaddysCamille
  • July 1-15/2018 - Camille Campbell
  • July 16-31/2018 - Hannahhaysxxx
  • August 1-15/2018 - Anita Toro
  • August 16-31/2018 - Cindy Lopez
  • September 1-15/2018 - Barbie Thierry
  • September 16-30/2018 - BettyBangXXX
  • October 1-15/2018 - Lilfreaksavagej
  • October 16-31/2018 - Katana
  • November 1-15/2018 - AlesyaHampton
  • November 16-30/2018 - Spicy J
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