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Have a general, technical or payment question? Our team of support representatives are ready to answer your questions

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How can I become a model?

Become a Model

Click here to get started: / Become A Model

Here is why is the best webcam site in the world for independent models and studios:

  • U.S. models earn 50% of Net Revenue. Most sites only pay 25% of earnings.
  • Get paid every week with no delays - Most sites only pay twice a month.
  • The most ways to make money including: Tips, Privates, Spy Shows, Group Shows, Online Video Sales and Daily Contests.

We are looking for female models 18-45 years old that are attractive, friendly, and energetic.

Once your application is approved, you will be given the specific information detailing payments, and everything else to get started. If you have questions, you can e-mail us at:

Tips & Tricks to being Successful

Basic Tips For Improving Your Show

  • Stream in HD using IModel. You can download this in your model console, contact support to have someone do it for you, or download directly from the wiki here: How do I stream in HD?
  • Have a good webcam ( We recommend this HD Camera: Logitech c930), and a good working computer. Mac Book Pros are great! If you are getting a PC, your computer should have at least 2.2 GHz, 4 gigs of ram, and a core i5 or higher.
  • Make sure you have adequate internet speed. We recommend your internet speed be is at least 2.5 mp/s of upload speed per model connection on your internet (bandwidth of at least 200k). You can go to and choose New York, NY as the location to test your connection. If you do not meet these standards, please contact your internet provider in order to upgrade. Trust us, it'll be well worth the money!!!
  • Make sure you have proper lighting: Natural light coming from the camera is great. If using natural light, make sure the lighting source is not behind you or on the sides as it will not appear balanced. Or, you can have multiple light sources coming from different angles. If you are using different light sources, make sure one light is coming from the camera (so the light is facing directly at you), and that you have two on the sides of you (one on each side) to balance it out. To read more click here.
  • Upload pictures to your profile and post videos for sale. Make sure to have an awesome main profile picture (one that shows some face and some body). Change it if one isn't working.
  • Present yourself well: Do your hair and makeup. Don't get drunk on cam, or work while in a bad mood. Users want to see a clean and confident woman ready to have fun.
  • Do NOT blast your music or play it loud. Its distracting and takes away from the members experience. If you are to play any music, keep it low.
  • Always give your big tippers the special treatment. Remember your regulars and things about them. Takes notes if you need to!
  • Outfits are great ways to add variety to your shows.
  • Only perform acts that you are comfortable doing.
  • Talk, don't type. Engage the users. Your voice and conversation is a huge part of the experience!
  • Greet every user that enters your room.
  • Request tips to watch users cams in free chat. Compliment users who you Cam2Cam with.
  • Tease users with nudity flashes and the promise of more if they tip.
  • Update your tip topic and follow through with your offers.
  • Play games, host raffles, and offer prizes for tips. Its fun for you and your members, and it'll keep the tips rolling in.
  • Don't beg for tips.
  • Promote, Promote, Promote!!! Create a model Twitter account and tweet when you will be going online. Get as many followers as you can, and get your naked members to follow your twitter account. Follow @NakedDotComCams and we'll re-tweet your show! You can post your twitter to your model page by following the twitter tab in your model console. You can create an Instagram account as well for added promotions.
  • Experiment with different days/times. Create a schedule and stick to it! If you have to break your schedule, notify your fans via Twitter.
  • Have fun! The more fun you have the more excited users get and the more they tip.

Although most of our users are fun and interesting fellows, we do have the occasional bad apple. Open your mind so you will not take anything personal. Keeping a friendly, fun, and flirty personality is crucial. Do not let a member get you in a bad mood, use your ban button to ban him from your chat. If a member likes what he sees...he/she will tip and/or take you into a private chat for a one on one session. This session can range from talking, stripping, fetish shows, to masturbation shows.

Prohibited Acts

Take a minute to review the rules and policies. All of these acts are strictly prohibited in your room (free chat, private chat, shows, etc), your videos, and your photos.

Lighting, Wardrobe and Room Layout


Want to improve your cam shows? Get better lighting! It's an extremely important part of feed quality and can vastly improve the quality of poor webcams. The cowboy studio kit is a pretty good option and it costs about 60 bucks. Get it here.

If you're looking for an inexpensive option, desk lamps work great too!

Make sure you have multiple light sources. A three-point lighting system is a good start. Many models choose to have light behind the webcam, Coming from your left and coming from your right. Don’t make the mistake of setting up a light behind you. Not only will it show up on cam, but it may actually darken your stream. Bright lights that are too close will leave you looking completely white on camera.

The type of bulbs you use can also cause a major impact on the quality of your stream. LED bulbs are a bit more expensive than CFL bulbs but emit less heat and electricity to run, which makes them ideal for cam girls.

To watch a tutorial on how to set up lighting, click here.


Make sure you work in a well lit area, wear clothes appealing to your frame, and test out angles to sit and stand to best suit your body. Make sure you have a high speed cable connected internet and a high quality web cam with a microphone too!! See equipment recommendations above in the "basic tips for improving your show section." Members love the closeness of hearing your voice. Sometimes it's nice to have a few things ready for the members, should they ask: Stockings, heels, toys, different types of panties. You can appeal to all the common type of fetishes this way. Make sure to dress to impress! Members want to see models looking their best.

Room layout

Make sure your working in a clean, convenient and comfortable environment. A dedicated room is ideal. You should have a comfy seat, space to move around or dance and privacy. Viewers find it very distracting to have shadows and backround noise. Make your cam space is comfortable by adding blankets and pillows, toys for sexy shows and a prize wheel for games.

Personality Matters

Although some members do come to our site looking for sexual gratification, a large portion also come for companionship... and you are providing them with that fulfillment. Recognizing your members, remembering specific things about them, and greeting them each time they visit your room will go a long way. They want to feel special to you, and they want to interact with you. Tease guys and chat with them, but don't be too giving or pushed over.

What computer and webcam should I be using?

Any fairly new PC or Mac computer should be fine, however laptops let you move around and add variety to your show so we recommend using a laptop. Mac Book Pros are great! If you are getting a PC, your computer should have at least 2.2 GHz, 4 gigs of ram, and a core i5 or higher.

For webcams, we recommend the Logitech c930. Poor quality webcams will make your feed blurry and washed out, hurting your sales in the long run.

Keep in mind that other things will effect your feed as well. Without a reliably strong internet connection, your feed will be choppy. Without ample high quality or natural lighting that is angled well, your feed will look discolored and blurry. You want to have the best feed possible to maximize your earning potential.

How do I stream in HD?

Install our new application, IModel HD and start broadcasting in HD to look and sound your best! You'll start making more money by attracting even more visitors to your room. Not only is it a fact that better video quality equals more money, we also let our members know who is broadcasting in HD right on the homepage. To get started now, visit the "broadcast in HD" tab in your model console. Download the application and follow the simple installation instructions. Once installed, simply launch the icon on your desktop and login with your model username and password. You will look and sound 10x better than before...And yes, it is safe and virus-free.

To install IModel HD:

1. Open your model dashboard and click "Go Online in HD".

2. Choose operating system you'd wish to install. We recommend using Chrome as your default browser.

3. Wait for the application to finish downloading and then click on the file.

4. Follow instructions to Open and install.

5. For windows users instead of double clicking the Imodel icon you will need to right click and run as administrator

6. Login with your naked username and password.

7. Choose your webcam and microphone.

8. Start Broadcasting by clicking "Start" on FMLE and "Go Online" from the broadcaster.

9. You're ready to start making money!

How to troubleshoot common IModel HD issues

1.Browser says to hit Start on the FLME and I already did.

Solution: Make sure you aren't using Internet Explorer or Edge, those two browsers give those issues and is normally resolved by using either 
Chrome or Firefox.

2. I'm trying to accept privates but it won't let me.

Solution: Deactivate the feature by selecting "no" in the allow private show section then enable it by selecting yes. 
If customers are still unable please reboot your computer and contact technical support 

3. My browser is opening instead of the IModel console, why?

Solution: IModel is used via web interface, therefore the application runs in a browser. Use IModel by logging in directly 
from the application. 

4.I try to download FLME but it saves a 'DMG' and it will not open.

Solution: Unfortunately it links to the mac version regardless on what OS you are running IModel Plus, just 
click on to download it

5. Mac Computer won't allow install.

Solution: New Mac computers have a feature called Gatekeeper that might have settings blocking the installation of files that are not from the 
App store or Identified Developers (see image below). In this case, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and switch the setting 
to "Anywhere".  It should now allow IModel to be installed.

Error 22343: Check your internet connection

Solution: You are using a version of Imodel that is no longer supported, either imodel V2 or Imodel Plus, please uninstall that version and download the latest version from your dashboard. You can find it by signing into, click broadcast, then HD

Imodel HD: IO Error: Can not write the profile

Solution: Close all running applications and instead of double clicking the Imodel HD icon to launch the application you will have to right click the icon and select to 
run as administrator from the pop up menu that appears. When the application loads sign in and continue through the microphone and camera setup as normal

Setting "Allow from Anywhere" on security settings

Solution: Open Finder> Go to Utilities > Open Terminal > Enter the master code sudo spctl –master-disable Press enter. Have the model enter her password and the agent/model can now install IModel Plus

Install FMLE on Sierra

To Install FMLE on Mac OS Sierra

  • Go to Finder
  • Open the Terminal
  • Move terminal window to the side for now, you will return to it in a few steps
  • Download fmle.dmg
  • Open it
  • Right click "Install"
  • Click on show package contents
  • Click on Contents
  • Click on MacOS
  • Drag the Installer folder to the terminal
  • Press enter and the install will begin.

I keep getting "error connecting to primary server", how do I fix it?

Windows users

  • Make sure your upload speed is greater than 2.5 Mbps, you can test your connection speed at Speedtest
  • Make sure Chrome browser is set as your default browser
  • Close any other programs that also utilize your webcam such as Skype, FaceTime, or g-chat
  • Close any other programs that are streaming from the web such as Netflix, Pandora, or Spotify
  • If you are using any webcam splitting software try to broadcast by connecting to the webcam directly
  • For windows users open the task manager and close Imodel and the encoder from there and reboot
  • Instead of double clicking the Imodel HD icon to launch the application, right click the icon and select to run as administrator

Mac users

  • Make sure your upload speed is greater than 2.5 Mbps, you can test your connection speed at Speedtest
  • Make sure Chrome browser is set as your default browser
  • Close any other programs that also utilize your webcam such as Skype, FaceTime, or g-chat
  • Close any other programs that are streaming from the web such as Netflix, Pandora, or Spotify
  • If you are using any webcam splitting software try to broadcast by connecting to the webcam directly
  • Force close Imodel and the encoder and reboot

Loading SWF

Checking and Updating Flash Player

Unblocking/Enabling Flash Player on Chrome

1. Open a tab on Chrome

2. Write chrome://settings/content at the top of the url link.

3. Click Flash.

4. Turn on Allow sites to run Flash

5. Close window

6. Restart your computer and flash should be enabled/unblocked

Unblocking/Enabling Flash Player on Firefox

1. Click on Tools and go to Add-ons

2. Select Plugins and look for Shockwave Flash (another name for Flash Player)

3. Select Always activate

4. Close window

6. Restart your computer and flash should be enabled

Someone is insulting me and disrupting my chat!

You can highlight on their name and click silence to prevent this member from chatting in your room. The member can still see your feed, but his messages will not appear in the chat. If you want him banned permanently from chat, please contact our support team. If you feel the member was abusive or fraudulent, email to have him investigated for permanent deactivation. You can also call our hotline to have a site monitor watch your chat and ban the member: 888-603-9082

I have a friend and/or partner I'd like to sign up!

Please have them sign up here: / Become A Model

If you want to sign up a male partner, please email us at

I want to personalize my bio and upload my own photos, how can I do this?

Write your bio, including an about me (2000 character max), turn offs (255 character max), and turn ons (255 character max) and email them over to You can upload your photos using the "Upload Photos" tab on the Model Console (Photos should be 1024 x 768)

How do I know how many private minutes Ive accumulated?

On the main page of your model console you will have a tab that says "Stats and Earnings" on the left hand side. Click on that and you will be able to see the time accumulated in a pay period. If you are uncertain about when your pay period begins and ends you can contact us at

If you do not have a tab that says "stats and earnings" on the left hand side of your model console, you can always give your studio representative a call. If you are uncertain of who that is, or would like some more information, please write to

To get more information regarding payment support, visit our Help & Support page

What are each of the different show types?

Private Shows

Members pay per minute to chat with you in private. Members can initiate Cam2Cam but you can hide their video if you wish. You can set your chat to accept privates, or not. Its up to you!


Members can send you tips as you perform in Free Chat. Use your room topic to let members know what your services cost in tips! Play games, host raffles, do shows...its all up to you!

Setting up a room topic

It's important to choose a good chat room topic to let users know what you'll do and for how much. Setting a price that is reasonable for your viewers is tied closely to how successful you'll be, and how much money you'll make. If you set your price too high it might scare viewers away, so it's important to test different prices and see what works best for your room. For example, $5 to see boobs and $5 for cam-to-cam. Check out other models rooms to get ideas too!

How to configure your tip show

  • You set the Tip Show Goal (We recommend a small tip goal around $30-50), Tip Show Length, and Tip Show Reservation price (typically $5-10).

Members must reserve a spot for your Tip Show in order to view your show.

  • Members can also join your show after the show has started and you will have the option to extend your show length before the show ends.
  • You can force start your tip show if you think you’ve made enough or you can wait until the goal is reached and all the members who reserved a spot to your show enter your Tip Show.
  • Users can send you additional tips from inside the show and private message you.
  • You can also extend your shows, just ask your viewers for additional tips and you can go on for as long as they’re tipping!
  • Note: Tips are not actually collected until the Tip Show begins, and models may be penalized for ending Tip Shows early. If models are found to force start tip shows to avoid being in free chat it may result in penalties as well.

How to set your free chat tip goal

  • Set up your free chat tip goal and set your room topic with what you’ll do once your goal is reached. You should also let viewers know the length of your performance.
  • Most girls set up a goal between 30-50 credits.
  • We recommend trying out different tip goals and finding what works best for you.
  • Shows will be be performed inside free chat, all users will have access to view it.

Spy Shows

Members can spy on a model who is in private. They cannot hear or interact with you in any way, only view what you are doing. This is offered to members at a price $2 less than your private price and allows members to preview your shows!

Spy Only Mode

This is a unique feature of our site that allows you to set yourself into Spy Mode. Users will assume you are in a private chat with another member, and can spy on you without sound or chat. This feature is great for situations where you are doing a private show or do not want to be visible to anyone other than paying members.

Note: You will still appear on the home page, but users must pay to spy on your room.

You MUST remain on camera while in this mode, and you MUST be performing a nude show while users are spying. Failure to do so may result in loss of this feature.

I need to change my mailing address

Please email your change of address request to to change your mailing address. You should be notified of confirmation once the change is made. If you are a studio model, please contact your studio with your change of address request.

To get more information regarding payment support, visit our Help & Support page

I have not received my pay, what should I do?

The first thing to do is make sure you know what pay range you are on, and how to properly pull your stats. You can always email support or call 888.888.603.9082 to get this information. If you are pulling your stats correctly and still see an error, don't panic. We will make sure you are paid correctly in a timely fashion. Simply email payment support with your model name, what week/pay period you are inquiring about, and the amount you received. All missing funds will be paid immediately once verified.Most direct models receive weekly payouts where the pay period runs Monday - Sunday and we transfer funds by the following Friday. pays out some studios twice a month. After we pay the studios, they will in turn pay you. All studios may have varying pay dates, so please check with your representative to see when you should expect your monies. If you feel you're missing payment and/or your payment is taking longer to arrive than usual, feel free to discuss this with your studio representative. If you are uncertain on whom to contact, or need further assistance, please write to and it'll be addressed within a timely fashion. You can also call 888-603-9082 to get linked with a model support representative.

I want to change my password

You can reset your own password by following the "forgot password?" link on the model log in page, or by clicking here. If you are having troubles with this link, you can also email your model log in name from the email address we have registered on file, along with the legal name used to register the account and your date of birth to You can specify your desired password change if you would like as well. You will be notified once the change has been set.

I'm having issues/troubles connecting my web cam and/or microphone

  • Make sure you are using a good computer. Mac Book Pros are great! If you are getting a PC, your computer should have at least 2.2 GHz, 4 gigs of ram, and a core i5 or higher.
  • We are not compatible with safari. Use firefox or chrome only.
  • Make sure you don't have anything open BUT (instant messengers, emails, and skype can interfere with web cam connection)
  • Make sure you download Firefox and use it as your web browser.
  • Make sure you have an updated Adobe Flash player.
  • Make sure security settings allow you to run video feed and also, allows adult sites.
  • Make sure you are running a high speed cable connected internet with a minimum of 2.5 mb/s upload speed. You can go to and choose New York, NY as the location to test your connection. If you do not meet these standards, please contact your internet provider in order to upgrade.
  • Run a clean up on your computer, removing unneeded items, (contact the computer company to ask the best possible way for your computer).
  • Delete cache and cookies (under internet options in your control panel for internet explorer. Under tools and clear private data and/or browsing history in firefox)
  • Reboot computer before using

What are Premium clips?

These are clips the models choose to record themselves and place on the site for sale. Models receive a percentage of the profit, and they are sold on her profile page, as well as on the amateur clips tab of It's a great way to make extra money when you are not online. You can take special requests from your regulars, or do all kinds of fetish videos to appeal to everyone. Check out the amateur clips tab for an idea.

Amateur clips will be priced at either 4.99 or 9.99 per clip sold. Pricing depends on the quality of the video feed, sound, video content, length of video, etc. Pricing is solely up to the discretion of our video approval team here at Naked.

Clips are sold as a one-time purchase to the member (once purchased, they can watch the video as much as they'd like to however). They are NOT able to download the clips as they must play them directly from their profiles.

For those models that have blocked regions, the same blocking logic applies as it does on their regular profiles. Clips will not be displayed in the regions the model has blocked.

For status, write to If a video is under 5 minutes, the system automatically rejects it.

I got a message in a pop up window, what is that?

There are two types of pop up messages you may see. One is when a member private messages you. You will be notified that you received a private message and will see what member it is from. You can chat back and forth with these members in a private and separate chat window. These members sign up for a premium membership in order to have this feature, so its a good idea to treat them nicely. However, you don't want to ignore your free chat room either, so its a balance. If you ever feel as if private messages are becoming too time consuming, politely let the member know they need to take you private or tip you for your undivided attention.

The second type of messages showing up in a pop up box are messages coming from admin personnel. This could be your studio representative, or a site monitor or admin. This message will state that it comes from an admin, and you need to click "okay" in order for the message to disappear and for you to return to your free chat. This is so we know you have read this message. These messages usually appear if you are violating a site rule. Please read over the Rules & Policies. We will also message you if we need to get in contact with you about training, video quality, payments, etc. Make sure not to ignore these messages as doing so many lead to account deactivation. If you feel you got a message in error, or are worried about the message, write to

I think a member was fraudulent, what do I do?

It is the responsibility of the entire Naked team to report anything that looks suspicious of fraud. Being involved or being aware of a fraudulent member, but taking his private anyway, will result in termination and the monies on the private will not be compensated.

Please submit any possible fraud to for investigation. Here are some possible scenarios:

  • Sometimes the member will directly state that he is using a credit card not belonging to him/her, or ask the model if she wants to work with them. For instance, "hey...I'll take you private 3 hours daily, if you pay me is my email." Those are obviously dead give aways and should be reported.
  • Sometimes the member claims to be underage in private/free chat. This is a strange M.O. of sorts but they always end up being fraud.
  • Sometimes a member will take a model to private and stay silent. This often happens in normal chats, but if a model has been in private for 15 plus minutes with an unresponsive member (not talking upon her request), odds are it is a fraudulent account.
  • If a model notices the same person coming into private with 4 plus different user names, this could also indicate fraud. It is best to have it reported and investigated.

Trouble logging in, what do I do?

  • Make sure you are using the model login section and not the customer login Model Login
  • Your username and password are case sensitive, make sure to enter them exactly as you were provided
  • Clear the cookies and cache in your browser and restart
  • See if you get the same error in a different browser
  • Check to make sure you have the correct password by clicking on forgot password to have it emailed to you. The email will be sent to the email address we have on file for your account.

Why can't I see myself on the broadcaster while I'm using iModel?

  • This is normal and you can watch your video playback in the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.
  • To see yourself and be able to respond to customers just re-position both windows on your screen so you can see both

I want to talk to someone at, or be walked through the above. Who can I contact?

You can contact 888-603-9082 or email to be linked directly with an employee of In your model console, you can also click "chat" to send an email directly to model support.

For additional information regarding contacting our team, please visit our Help & Support page

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