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What is CamScore?

CamScore is an automated score assigned to each model based on performance. It is re-calculated and updated hourly. The score is based on several different performance factors and is designed to reward the best models with the best position on the site.


When a new visitor arrives on the site we want to position the hardest working, highest earning models at the top. It is better for the users and it is the fairest approach for our models. For example, if the default order was alphabetical, models whose username began with "A" would have an unfair advantage.

The higher a model's CamScore the better and the closer the model will be to the top of the page. The score is calculated based on many factors, but the most important factors are earnings per hour and total hours and days worked per period. The score is based on a model's performance over approximately two months. This way one bad day cannot destroy a score and one amazing day cannot artificially increase the score. This is why consistency really does pay off!

New and Returning Models

New models start with a default CamScore that is somewhere around the average score, but it will change quickly based on their actual performance on the site. This gives new models a chance to build some clientele and make some money.

For our returning models, we have a little trick. We rotate you randomly around the page for 20 hours or so to give opportunities in premium placement slots. This will help you build your score up again.

Improving your CamScore

CamScore is based on several factors and your consistency over many days. The best way to increase your score is to earn more money per hour and to work more days and hours. For example..a model that consistently earns good money per hour and consistently works on the site will have a higher score than a model that does not. This is why is it a good idea to avoid working online if you are in a bad mood or simply not ready to work. Make the most of your time online. Also, experiment with scheduling so you work a time that is most profitable for you.

Sudden drops in CamScore

CamScore is calculated based on a model's performance over approximately the last two running months. That means that each new day, what the model did 61 days ago would no longer be counted. Therefore, if the model earned a large sum of money 61 days ago, then it would be expected for her CamScore to drop, since those earnings would no longer be included in the calculation. However, for our returning models who have been gone longer than 60 days, we will rotate you randomly around the page for about one day to give opportunities in premium placement slots. This will help you build your score up again.

If a model earns a lot of money, then that performance should be reflected in the next CamScore calculation within several hours.

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